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What is dermadiagnostics and why is it good to do dermadiagnostics?

Dermadiagnostics allows us to see the hidden skin conditions from the eyes. It allows the detection of early signs of aging on the face, neck, décolleté and arms. Early detection of signs of aging allows the correct choice of prevention as well as the improvement of already expressed skin damage.

Based on these measurements, we determine the state of skin moisture, density, quality and distribution of collagen fibers, the state of capillaries, the state of the skin barrier, determine the severity of pigment irregularities and determine skin color and thus the prevalence of sun exposure.

With such an examination, we evaluate the degree of damage to the skin. Determining the degree of aging is an important cosmetic basis of any successful cosmetic therapy, and is used to set cosmetic therapeutic goals and develop personally tailored anti-aging guidelines.

Why opt for dermadiagnostic measurements?

Aging is a natural process that cannot be stopped. With timely preventive and curative measures, we can significantly slow down aging and ensure a healthy skin appearance.

Dermadiagnostics provides insight into the extent and degree of aging, as well as the consequences of sun exposure, smoking and other external and internal factors. Based on the obtained data, it is possible to create a personally tailored program of professional therapy in a beauty salon and create a personally tailored extended cosmetic therapy at home, which is an extremely effective anti-aging strategy.

For measurements we use:

• Diagnostic skin ultrasound - measurement of collagen and determination of the aging band
• TEWL probe - skin barrier integrity review
• Colorimeter - measurement of pigments and determination of skin color and level of risk of sun exposure
• Optical skin analyzer - pigment irregularities and condition of capillaries

All diagnostic devices are established in the field of photomedicine and cosmetic therapy, are scientific, properly calibrated and regularly maintained.

When to decide on dermadiagnostics and what is the recommended frequency of recurrences?

Dermadiagnostics is recommended to be performed at least twice a year, before and at the end of the summer, as this is the time when most skin damage occurs due to increased sun exposure.

It is also recommended to perform the examination at the first signs of aging, regardless of the time of year, as long as they are in a dynamic phase.

What does dermadiagostics cover?

• determination of the skin aging band and skin age according to photo-injuries
• detection of photo-skin damage and the first signs of aging
• definition of collagen status
• definition of the state of the skin barrier
• definition of pigment irregularities
• definition of capillary condition
• skin phototype identification and sun exposure risk assessment
• professional advice on appropriate prevention and skin therapy
• guidelines for a personally tailored professional therapy program in a beauty salon
• making personally tailored extended cosmetic therapy at home


DERMA DIAGNOSTICS - a look into the skin reveals hidden from the eyes skin conditions 

“How much do you really know about your skin and its needs? Are you really giving her what she needs? You want concrete answers and comprehensive solutions that will be in full swing to meet the needs of your skin?

Provide your skin with exactly what it needs and your skin will be grateful. ”

Dermadiagnostics contains:

• humidity measurement
• elasticity measurement
• measurement of redness and erythema
• melanin measurement
• sebum measurement
• measurement of transepidermal water loss
• examination with a microscope camera
• ultrasound (collagen fiber content)
• counseling on further skin care

We will create a personally tailored, comprehensive cosmetic treatment program for you, after which we systematically eliminate individual functional skin problems and bring you to the desired result. We make it easier for you to choose cosmetics and facials suitable for your skin, and we enable you to monitor progress, measurable results and objective proof of effectiveness.

The opportunity to date your skin is here.

For all of you who want to get to know your skin really well and for all of you who just want to check what you have achieved with proper care in the past months ... what are the results?

The price of dermadiagnostics with a mediesthetic specialist is 100 eur, with dipl. beautician 75 eur.

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Natasha Godler Trilar