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• Exclusive serum formulation with an extraordinary composition
• Selected assets in synergy form a unique effect
• Scientifically supported repair rejuvenating formula for your skin
• Limited edition
• Collaboration with a top German laboratory
• Science. Technology. Top up-to-date active ingredients. Love and passion for skin care and working with you.

The predominant visible signs of aging are associated with damage to the extracellular matrix, elastin, collagen and hyaluronic acid.

A strong repair formula with an extraordinary composition was formulated especially for the 20th anniversary of NatashaSPAce Mediesthetic and for me by a team of scientists in the German laboratory of dr. E. Voss.

Main ingredients of this unique formula are:

✓QUATTROX COMPLEX 4 PEPTIDES, which significantly reduce the appearance of mimic wrinkles.
✓ MATRIXYL®️ signal peptide that stimulates collagen synthesis. It constantly sends a signal to the cells to produce new collagen.
✓ PROGELINE™ ️ increases collagen production and skin firmness.
✓HIGHLY ACTIVE STABLE VITAMIN C (Ascorbyl glucoside) has a strong antioxidant activity and acts on the hyperpigmentation.
✓COLLAGEN BOOSTER MADECASSOSIDE: 100% pure Centella asiatica powder is an extremely active ingredient. Softens the skin, accelerates healing, stimulates collagen synthesis and increases filagrine synthesis by 59%
✓ NIANCINAMID (vitamin B3) is our skin’s best friend.
It is present in high concentration in Ageless elixir. It is most commonly used to restore the barrier, has excellent anti-inflammatory effect, improves hyperpigmentation, mitigates problems with rosacea and impure skin.
✓LIFTONIN EXPERT. Smart Collagen Management. Provides high quality synthesized collagen.
✓ TROXERUTIN is an excellent free radical scavenger and protection for capillaries. Rutin is a well-known plant-based antioxidant from the class of flavanols. It reduces the accumulation of free radicals in plants, which are formed due to the influence of the sun and oxygen. Troxerutin has better penetration properties and the effects remain the same. It works in synergy with vitamin C supporting each other in action. It has a scientifically proven effect on the protection of capillaries.
✓ EDELWEISS EXTRACT has a strong firming skin effect.
✓ HYALURONIC ACID is the predominant component of ECM. Its function is not only to moisturize the skin, but it is also an important activator of many cellular functions.
✓Ageless elixir contains a pure fermented form of HA that is not cross-linked but is identical to the natural structure of HA.
It easily penetrates the skin and allows efficient transport of the active ingredients HA.
Ageless elixir contains various chain hialuronic acids, all shorter than the skin's own, allowing for better penetration.
Hialuronic acid plays the role of delivering active ingredients to the lower layers of the epidermis.
✓ 24 K GOLD PARTICLES. 24 K gold leaves have a proven ability to reflect IR radiation and prevent damage caused by free radicals generated by infrared radiation. In addition, they conjure up a beautiful glow of skin and communicate to you…. because you are worthy!


✓ Powerful repair formula
✓All aspects of rejuvenation
✓Intensive damage repair
✓ Visible results
✓ All the best active ingredients that take care of all aspects of the elasticity anf firmness of your skin are carefully selected with all my passion, enthusiasm and love for skincare and with the support of top experts
✓ Formulated in a German laboratory in collaboration with a team of scientists with invaluable experience and dr. Eckart Voss, one of the the world’s leading experts on photoaging with 45 years of experience on the topic
✓ Formulated without colorings, preservatives and emulsifiers

Ageless elixir is a serum that will turn back your time.

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